Laurie D. Johnson, Ph.D., LPC, AMS

Laurie Johnson, Ph.D.

Dr. Laurie Johnson, LPC opened the Skills for Living Institute, Inc. in 1988, fulfilling a promise she'd made to herself at the age of 13, when she lost her mother to breast cancer. "I was heartbroken, as you can guess, but I also went through a terrible time attempting to help my grief stricken dad cope with his loss. As a psychiatrist, he knew what to do, but as a widower, he just couldn't function without her. It was the early 70's, before Phil Donahue, Oprah or Dr. Phil had made life skills a familiar topic. I'd check the newspaper every day, just in case Dear Abby or Ann Landers offered advice to help me get through those dark days. When that never materialized, I promised myself that if I ever learned how to get through such a difficult tunnel of pain, I'd share my knowledge with others."

"Dr. J" as she is known on her TalkRadio WLAQ program, offers advice every Saturday from 9-9:30, for enhancing relationships, coping with stress, and deepening one's selfhood, sprinkled with a generous dose of humor and candor. Her books include Dr. J's Field Guide:Teens 101: Parenting 12-22 year olds and Marriage & Life 101, which addresses issues of independence, self care, marriage, divorce and love. Her book, Dr. J's Field Guide: At the End We Go Home (2016) addresses issues of identity, mortality, and meaning of life.

Dr. Johnson is an award winning author whose work appeared regularly in NW Georgia Living magazine. Her blog, "Shrink Rap with Dr. J" has been shared at UGA and beyond. She co-Founded the organization, McKeever's First Ride to provide Adaptive Riding to amputees of all ages. Through it, she also engages and empowers Military/Veterans in the challenging process of Transitioning.

Dr. Johnson's work over the last 28 years spans from Counseling or Coaching teens, couples, adults and professionals, to Consulting for corporations, communities, churches and nonprofits, to facilitating Retreats, giving keynotes and teaching at colleges and universities. She is the mother of four and has been married for 36 years. Her passions include horses, photography, nature and Veteran issues.

The Skills for Living Institute is located above the Charles Williams, Jr. Realty Company in Rome, GA. She can be contacted at 770.655.5364,, at, or on Facebook at "Dr. J on WLAQ" page.

Dr. Laurie Johnson, LPC Author, Dr. J's Field Guide Series, TEENS 101, Vol. 1 and 2. Marriage & Life 101, Vol. 1, 2, 3.