WIN Becoming Active

W.I.N. was formed to provide information on a variety of issues, including educating women about health issues, providing a forum for information exchange, determining women’s health needs and empowering them to seek holistic, individualized health care services.

Now 25 years later, W.I.N. holds seminars, lectures, and meetings for and about women’s health issues.  The Women’s Information Network, Inc. is a fully incorporated not-for-profit organization with a Board of Directors and Advisory Board.

The network’s Advisory Board has 17 members and consists of teachers, accountants, women in marketing, attorneys, nurses, retired persons, and many other professions.  The Board of Directors for 2016 are:

President Sharon Baker, R.N. M.N.
Vice President Amy Astin
Treasurer Ansley Rice
Secretary Regina Osirus
Executive Committee Member Miriam Peters
Board Member Laurie D. Johnson, Ph.D.
Board Member Donna Barnes
Board Member Susan Conradsen, Ph.D.
Board Member Dawn Karnes
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WIN Becoming Active
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