Twenty-five years ago, I was compelled and challenged to initiate a dialogue about menopause. Why you ask? I was entering that phase of life and so were many of my patients. There was much controversy about the risks and benefits of various regimens for treating symptoms and lots of jokes.  I set out to bring the national and local experts from a variety of the affected fields together to share the latest research and to answer questions from women in the audience.


Little did I know this project would lead me to form an organization called “The Women’s Information Network, Inc.” I had no idea that my vision would lead me to meet so many interesting women who would contribute their various talents to make my dream come true.


Many of you attended our workshops, seminars, and health fairs. I am now past the average age of menopause, 51 in this country. I am 65 and in the first year of retirement.  I have signed up for Medicare and am a card-carrying member of AARP.


The issues that concerned me in earlier years are still being debated, but based on new findings. I am still interested in those topics; but new ones have emerged.


So…..after a sabbatical from WIN program development due to the limitations of my various roles in the workforce, I am retired.  What fun!!  Now I have time to devote to working on WIN again.


That means none of you are safe! If I happen to run into you in town, I will most likely ask you to get involved with me in revitalizing the organization.


In fact, I am planning on having a reunion event for as many of the past contributing board members as I can find. Many women have asked me to do this or if I was still doing programs.  I think there is still a need for women to get together and I am looking forward to getting us together again.


If you have ideas for upcoming programs, please let me know. Right now, I am most interested in the issues of retirement –physical, emotional, financial and spiritual.  I have also been asked to initiate on a program for adolescent girls that discusses the physical, sexual, emotional and relationships with their mothers. Stay tuned for further updates and if you want to volunteer or have an idea, send it to me via e-mail:

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